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Varicose veins are greater than a beauty downside—for some, they are often downright painful. They’re a typical criticism, particularly throughout being pregnant. Listed below are some varicose vein treatments to assist enhance ones which can be already there to keep away from getting new ones.

What Are Varicose Veins?

In line with Mayo Clinic, varicose veins are enlarged, twisted veins mostly discovered within the legs. The blood vessels are a darkish, purply blue and bulge out of the pores and skin. Spider veins have an identical coloration, however they aren’t twisted and raised like varicose veins. Signs of varicose veins can embrace:

  • A heaviness and congested feeling within the space from impaired blood move
  • Swelling and discomfort within the space
  • Ache that will get worse after sitting or standing for lengthy intervals
  • Itching or discoloration across the vein
  • Blood clots

What Causes Varicose Veins?

In line with American Household Doctor, 55% of ladies may have spider veins someday of their lives, whereas 29% will take care of full-blown varicose veins. Ladies are extra probably than males to have this problem due to genetic elements and being pregnant.

Our hearts pump blood into our extremities, and the veins carry it again up, working towards gravity. The examine valves that forestall the blood from flowing again down can change into broken or weak. As soon as these valves aren’t doing their job correctly, we are able to get spider or varicose veins.

Who Will get Varicose Veins?

Ladies are more likely than males to get varicose veins, however it will possibly occur to anybody. Pregnant girls are much more more likely to want remedy for varicose veins. Leg veins are mostly affected. These elements improve your threat of poor blood circulation and varicose veins:

  • Being pregnant
  • Standing or sitting for lengthy intervals
  • Crossing your legs (this impairs circulation)
  • Age (veins weaken as we become old)
  • Being obese
  • Power constipation (this may put extra weight/strain on the realm)
  • Hormonal adjustments from being pregnant, intervals, or menopause
  • Hormonal contraception tablets

The way to Cease Varicose Veins

The unlucky reality is in case you have a household historical past of varicose veins, then you definately’re more likely to get them. The excellent news is there are many issues to do to assist keep away from varicose veins or decrease the looks of varicose veins as soon as they’re there.

  • Don’t cross your legs when sitting
  • Keep away from sitting or standing for lengthy intervals of time
  • Elevate the legs when sitting
  • Have common bowel actions
  • Keep a wholesome weight
  • Often transfer the physique
  • Keep away from excessive heels or tight tights
  • Dry brushing could assist
  • Swimming in heat water for low-impact train

Pure Varicose Vein Cures

There are lots of dietary supplements on the market that declare to work for varicose veins, however what actually does work? Right here’s a breakdown of a number of the mostly beneficial house treatments for varicose veins and which of them work.

Grape Seed Extract

To not be confused with grapefruit seed extract, this complement is touted in some circles as a vein treatment. Nonetheless, there’s little or no proof displaying it really works. One 1985 examine discovered that grape seed extract didn’t work any higher than a placebo. It is likely to be higher to skip this one in favor of extra confirmed strategies.


You might need heard that I’ve made a behavior of leaping into ice water. It’s not only for enjoyable, although: chilly water remedy has some main well being advantages, particularly for the circulatory system! One placebo-controlled examine discovered that alternating cold and warm water on the legs resulted in important enhancements. The remedy group had improved circulation and decreased swelling of their ft and legs.

In case you can’t see your self moving into chilly water, then heat water can also be an choice. Over 2,500 individuals participated in a examine that regarded on the results of swimming in heat mineral water on vein well being. The remedy decreased hospital admissions, drug use, and acute vein episodes.

Horse Chestnut Extract

Horse chestnut extract isn’t solely anti-inflammatory and antiviral, however it will possibly assist with varicose veins, too. It incorporates aescin, a part that helps blood vessel partitions work higher. Uncooked horse chestnut might be poisonous, however standardized dietary supplements have had the poisonous parts eliminated.

A meta-analysis from 2006 and one other from 2012 each confirmed constructive outcomes. The horse chestnut helped scale back leg ache and swelling from continual venous insufficiency with few unwanted effects. Researchers additionally discovered horse chestnut extract labored simply in addition to compression stockings.


Sure vegetation have rutin, a flavonoid that may assist with varicose veins. A lot of the research achieved on rutin and varicose veins, although, are a semi-synthetic complement. A 2015 assessment discovered that rutin-derived dietary supplements helped enhance ache, heavy feeling legs, and cramps linked with varicose veins.

Also called vitamin P, rutin is in apples, citrus fruits, passionflower herb, and tea leaves, amongst different issues. You can too get rutin dietary supplements derived from Sophora tree flowers.

Butcher’s Broom

Each Germany and Europe’s medical companies have formally accredited butcher’s broom as one of many natural treatments for unwanted effects associated to varicose veins. It will possibly assist with vein-related ache, heaviness, leg cramps, itching, and swelling. One German examine confirmed butcher’s broom considerably improved varicose leg ulcers in a lot of the sufferers studied. Sufferers additionally had higher vein drainage, vein partitions operate, and fewer ache. Butcher’s broom might be taken as a tincture, in capsules, or simmered to make tea.


Hawthorn is a bee-friendly plant that has lengthy been used to assist assist the guts and circulation. Whereas hawthorn isn’t particularly for varicose veins by itself, it will possibly assist as a part of an general plan. Hawthorne is excessive in vitamin C, helps regulate blood strain, strengthens the guts, and is anti-inflammatory. As a cardiotonic, it helps to enhance the cardiovascular system as a complete.

You could find powdered hawthorn berries right here and hawthorn capsules right here. The herb tastes yummy in a tea with some hibiscus and uncooked honey!

Cayenne Pepper

Not solely is that this spicy pepper a staple in immune-supporting hearth cider, but it surely’s additionally a fantastic pure remedy for wholesome circulation. Cayenne pepper helps the physique transfer warmth and circulation to the decrease extremities and peripheral circulation. I embrace it in a few of my selfmade spice blends to season meals.

Witch hazel

This astringent herb helps tone tissues and is extensively used to alleviate the unwanted effects of swollen veins. There isn’t a lot exhausting proof on witch hazel’s use for varicose veins, however many discover it gives short-term, soothing aid. To make use of it topically, apply a moist rag to the pores and skin’s floor to scale back swelling in varicose veins.

Listed below are extra methods to make use of witch hazel for skincare, diaper rash, and extra. You could find witch hazel right here.

This text was medically reviewed by Dr. Tim Jackson. He’s a Physician of Bodily Remedy and Orthopedic Rehabilitation, and a Practical Drugs supplier. He holds a B.S. Diploma in Well being Science and Chemistry from Wake Forest College. As at all times, this isn’t private medical recommendation and we advocate that you just discuss along with your physician.

Have you ever tried pure treatments to eliminate varicose veins? Which of them have labored greatest for you? Depart us a remark, and be sure you share this submit!


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